Department of Administrative and Services

  This department Provides services and activities for the ministry in the following fields:
  IT, transportation     , Maintenance, Creation of  green and healthy environment and taking  care of it inside the Ministry's premises  ,  Repairs , Protection and maintenance of movable and immovable properties , providing health services for the Ministry’s  staff and security staff in MRRD.

Afghanistan Institute of Rural Develepment (AIRD)

 Making effectiveness the MRRD’s services and related sectors through the implementation of survey and researches, data dissemination and  Promotion of the rural technologies and increasing the capacity of the development council’s staff and other beneficiaries which have the five fallowing strategic areas:

  1. Research and Survey
  2.  Professional training
  3. Technology Park
  4. Scholarships
  5. Information propagation 

Department of Human Resources

• Provides qualified human resources through the free competition

• Developing and upgrading the capacity of the employees

• Organizational structure review and tailoring it to the needs of the administration

•   Health caring and safety of employees

• Setting all the intrinsic issues of the ministry staff


Internal Audit Office

Reviewing  of the  financial and  Administrative performance  ,activities  and the functions of the authorities under the Ministry  In order to ensure compliance and implementation of laws, regulations, policies of the country, risk management and assessment of internal control systems, Safeguarding assets and other material and administrative resources, considering the principle of economics and efficiency to ensure transparency and accountability.


six month report of 1399


Organization Structure(pdf)